About the Artist

Andrew Skivington is best known for creating vibrant images that brings out beauty and calm in chaos.   In his work he uses a combination of photography and psychology to create surreal imagery making the viewer find their own meaning in the work. 

Though British born he currently residing in Los Angeles.  Aside from photography he is also a writer and an award winning designer.

Previous solo shows

"40 Clicks" - January 2010, The Art Room, Ashford, England

"London to LA" - November to December 2009, The Art Room, Ashford, England

Artist Statement

"When I see an image, I see the negative space first and then I see how I can control or manipulate it before clicking the shutter.  Lacking the motor skills to convey what I see via a paint brush, the camera is my way of showing how I view the world. 

However I also enjoy the creative aspect of disguising how I take them whilst, in the words of Storm Thorgerson, trying to do it for real.  That's the main payback for me, the moment when I see someone try to dissect a piece and wonder how it was done, then for them to just let go of that thought process to just focus on how the image makes them feel to them."

About the work

Each larger print is a limited edition of 10 and signed by the artist.  Medium sized prints are typically a limited to 25 (as numbered on the print) and are also signed.  However they are printed as as requested so the actual number maybe less.